Seldom Seen on the James River


The name says it all... 'Seldom Seen' is difficult to dial in, but with the right blend of river level and tide, you have access to one of the best features on the James River.

This magical wave offers a great view of downtown Richmond and is a cool place to spend some time. Located at the end of the Fall Line, 'Seldom Seen' is uniquely affected by tidal change and surges in a channel at the center of the river just south of Mayo Island. It has a glassy shoulder and wide foam pile, making surfing here dynamic. However, what makes this feature so rare is its eddy service. At high tide, the eddy forms and fills up to the wave making surfing super accessible. On the other hand, when the tide is low, the outflow of the rapid crashes over shallow rocks.

When the magic is in, 'Seldom Seen' and it's preceding rapids provide a different and fun option to Pipeline. Hope you can catch it! 

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