• Beyond Boundaries RVA

    The outdoors provides benefits and teachings that can only come from first hand experiences, but accessibility to adventure is something that doesn't come easily (or at all) to everyone. Richmond is fortunate to have the non-profit organization Beyond Boundaries that specializes in guiding participants with disabilities, veterans, at risk youth, and recovery programs on outdoor adventures.
  • Seldom Seen on the James River

    The name says it all... 'Seldom Seen' is difficult to dial in, but with the right blend of river level and tide, you have access to one of the best features on the James River.
  • Historic High Water James River

    On Nov. 14th 2020 the James River crested at 18.33 ft, which ranks the 24th highest recorded level at the Westham gauge near Richmond. Home on the James caught up with local Richmond paddler, Cooper Sallade, to share his "unreal" experience on the river that day.
  • Appalachian Journey Mountaineer

    Appalachia is deep and dark. Its hard to get your bearings and get the view you deserve sometimes. Bald Knob totally shakes that. Riders get an incredible vista back towards North Mtn and across the basin. You earn it though! I felt like it was time we shared both that process of earning the view and also the view itself. To me a ride worth reveling in is one where you do just that- undertake something big, and get back to camp proud with a story to tell!
  • Top 5 Rapids of Nelson County

    For me, Nelson County creeking has become a legendary place with its ties to a rich history of whitewater kayaking. I've spent hours, if not days, listening to (and telling my own) whitewater folklore from adventures past. This little sliver of the Blue Ridge hosts a number of navigable Class III-V streams, a density and variety of whitewater paddling that rivals all other Virginia destinations (that I am aware of.)  As the stories have cumulated, I have started to wonder what other people dub their favorite rapids? What drives them to paddle and where? So, I thought I would share my Top 5 Rapids of Nelson County (plus a neighboring Honorable Mention) in hopes you would share yours!
  • Parks, Trails & Whitewater in Roanoke | Q&A with Renee Powers

    We have our focus on the citizens of Roanoke and providing a high quality trail and park experience for them. Quality of life is what makes folks stay and choose to be in an area and is the most important factor for me to be here. We want our current citizens and people who choose to locate here to know we are building and maintaining trails for them to make every day the bets day it can be. 
  • Kayaking in Nelson Co | Q&A with Gordon Dalton

    We did a mission to the North Fork Tye and, right away, I knew we had a winner.  As we scouted one of the biggest ones, Greg Gil shook his head and said, "Anyone who runs that drop has lost his marbles." Kevin stepped up and ran that one first, and so it became "Marbles."
  • Surf n' Turf | James River Watershed

    Surf n' Turf is a main course offering of gradient & whitewater paired with dirt & singletrack. A typical 'surf' component would mix rocks, water, hydraulics, and waves that can be boofed and surfed. The 'turf' is typically miles of loamy, rocky, and rooty singletrack. The key to a good day of Surf n' Turf is all about the distance between sessions; the closer the better.

  • Future Destinations | Whitewater Paddling in Virginia

    I continue to be optimistic about finding future destinations in Virginia. They have to be out there, right? Virginia creeks don't run often. When they do, usually the best decision is to go with what we know; Johns Creek, the Maury, North Fork of Tye, Piney River, ect... but sometimes straying from the normal path and embarking on a new mission is what makes paddling such an amazing adventure.
  • Top 5 Rapids on the James River

    With dozens of rapids and year round whitewater, living alongside the James River and calling Richmond home is the perfect location for a kayaker looking to spend time on the river everyday. But what are the best rapids? We thought it would be fun to talk about our Top 5 Rapids on the James River.