Who is Joey Parent?


Joey is one of those guys who can do just about anything.  Fix a house, build a shed, ride a bike 500 miles through Iceland, run a classroom, operate an outdoor rec program, airscrew a kayak, save your life, ect…

Getting to know Joey over the past 12 years has been nothing short of an ‘adventure’ in itself.  We have paddled across the East Coast, bounced our way down the creeks of Colorado, and even ventured across the Atlantic to Norway in search of whitewater.  Paddling was our connection, and even a decade later we still the find time to get on the water to enjoy the James River.


However, Joey has done so much more than just paddling in his outdoor career.  After graduating from VCU, he moved to Knoxville where he earned a Masters in Outdoor Recreation at the University of Tennessee.  Soon after, Joey ventured across the country to guide rafts and run expeditions in Idaho & Montana.  Durango, Colorado even got a taste of Parent while managing an Outdoor Adventure Program at Fort Lewis University.  Luckily for us in Richmond, Joey has recently returned to the ‘river city’ to run the OAP at VCU, where he originally started his career in the outdoors.


These days, Joey has been perusing some new goals. He has focused a lot of energy towards two wheels and has put together some amazing Bikepacking trips and races.  We recently got a chance to interview Joey and catch up on what’s new.  Thanks for the interview Joey!

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