WordCraft RVA- “Language and Libations”


Our friends Deanna Lorianni and Meghan Codd Walker of Zuula Consulting give you one solid excuse to dig thru the old junk drawer, pick out that ancient writing tool, the”pencil”, and put it to good creative use. It’s called WordCraft RVA!  This bi-monthly workshop is for all you creative drinkers, who have yet to find an outlet for the comedy that purges from your body the moment an alcoholic beverage hits your tongue.  It’s for the writers who enjoy the social aspect of your art, instead of the dark hole many crawl into struggling to finish their lifetime novels.  It’s for our city’s enthusiasts who love all things Richmond and can’t get enough of it’s local goodness. Lastly, WordCraft RVA is for you, the one who doesn’t fit into any of these extreme categories, but who is simply seeking to try something new.

So what exactly is WordCraft RVA and how did this idea come about? Deanna explains, “Richmond is full of talented artisans, from brewers to metal workers to writers and more! One of the services we do with Zuula is writing coaching. So, over the years, as RVA’s craft drink scene has really started taking off, we’ve seen workshops pop up around town for things like painting and wine tasting or design and drinks workshops. But, no one was doing anything fun like that for writing. So, we pondered over the idea to create an event series where we sample all the awesome beers, spirits and such being made in Richmond while also learning the craft of writing from different RVA writers.”

Belle Isle Moonshine

Belle Isle Moonshine (photo courtesy of WordCraft RVA)

The ultimate goal is to raise money for non-profits and introduce attendees to new crafts, externally and internally.  In the past they have teamed with Belle Isle Moonshine, Triple Crossing Brewing Company and Blue Bee Cider to bring a little flavor to your palette and inspiration to your writing.  Beyond the tastiness, there is also the element of language.  Deanna and Meghan choose a talented host from the vastly creative Richmond community who leads the workshop in their specialized skill.  Each workshop has a different theme and host, highlighting the importance of learning from others and challenging attendees to think beyond their own brain bubble.  Proceeds from each workshop go to a local non-profit who “… share some common focus as Zuula Consulting, are grassroots, and tend to do something really neat that helps to move the community forward, like The Podium Foundation who has been featured previously.”

Meghan describes their vendor selection process as “… more of an art than a science. We determine which places we think are most delicious and interesting — and what seems new and exciting in RVA. Then we invite them to be featured at a WordCraft event. So far, everyone we’ve asked has enthusiastically said yes. Gotta love RVA’s gung-ho craft scene!”

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 6.19.53 PM

“Blue Bee Cider’s Mill Race Bramble, Goats R Us Cheeses and a tasty writing exploration led by Zuula’s Word Nerds.” (photo courtesy of WordCraft RVA)

The next WordCraft RVA:

April 7th- 6:00-8:30pm

Location: Coalition Theater 

Featuring: Garden Grove Brewing 

A night dedicated to comedy writing, hosted by comedian Beau Cribbs of RVA Tonight 

“Hone your Humor, Get your Parody on”

 Home on the James will definitely be there, as should you! Click here, WordCraftRVA Sign Up!!  to sign up and use the promo code HOMEJAMES to receive $5 off admission.

See you at there!

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