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Tommy Penick – this guy has talent.  I have been very impressed by Tommy’s work in outdoor adventure cinematography over the years and captivated by the images he has captured throughout his travels.  What is even more impressive is what he has accomplished at his young age of 25.  Tommy exudes a wealth of knowledge that one would recognize at the end of a professional career; however, Tommy Penick Photo is a young company with a ‘go getter’ mentality, always eager for a new adventure.


Although he was raised in Richmond, I wouldn’t say he considers himself a ‘Richmonder’.  School brought him to Appalachian State University in Boone, NC where he majored in photography.  Since graduation, he has been spending a lot of time in Western North Carolina, out west, as well as just finishing an international trip to the Swiss Alps and the Nile River in Uganda.  This guy gets around, and I don’t think he really considers anywhere home at the moment.  In fact, he is building out a van to live/travel in in order to pursue his passion of photography and adventure film.


We met Tommy through Bike-In-Theater and RETRO Day, two events Home on the James produces here in Richmond.  I contacted him to see if we could share his work with some of the local adventure enthusiasts who attend.  He was ‘stoked’ to submit the entries, and they were well received.  In fact, I had more people inquire about his films than some of larger productions that were showcased on the same screen.  Since then, Tommy and myself have become friends, and knowing he was going to be in the Richmond area for a short amount of time.  I wanted to meet up and ask a couple of questions about outdoor adventure filmmaking and his future plans with Tommy Penick Photo.  Cheers Tommy, your the man!

For more information and to contact Tommy for future work be sure to check out

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