Secretly Y’all

Whether grand or tiny, every experience creates a story.  In some realms these stories can be turned into movies or books, but for those of us not looking for fame, just some simple social interaction, we have an outlet in Richmond, Va called Secretly Ya’ll.


“Story telling is important because it’s fun.  It is the basis of our communication and the best way to transfer ideas and thoughts.  It helps unite us and highlight similarities as well as understanding differences in our outlook on life and experiences,” explains Colin King, Secretly Y’all’s Co-Operator.


Secretly Ya’ll is an organization that hosts a live story telling event at Balliceaux Restaurant on the first Monday of every month.  Each month brings about a new topic, new story tellers, new listeners and a different charity who receives the total entry fee collections.

“Charity is what makes the event great and keeps people coming.  Not only are they enjoying the stories but they are also donating and learning about a charity or organization doing good in Richmond.  It just makes it more about community,” says Colin.


This charitable organization was originated in Charlottesville, Va and has since been moved to Richmond where it fits comfortably.  Organizers Kathleen Brady and Colin King choose a topic and aspiring story tellers submit their non-fictional stories.  Upon acceptance you are given 5-7 minutes on stage in front of a live audience to share your story.  It’s really interesting the different point of views people have on each topic.  Some take a more serious approach and others are quite comical.  It takes a lot of guts to go up there and tell your truth in front of all those people!  After the chosen story tellers are thru, the second half of the show is dedicated to a random drawing of stories submitted by audience members who’ve been inspired to share their own anecdotes.

There is a unique engagement with live story telling between the story-teller and the audience, one that is playful and filled with captivation.  You never know what somebody will say or how everyone will react.   Don’t be shy to submit a story or be in attendance for the next one! See you there!


Organizers: Colin King and Kathleen Brady

You can download and enjoy live recordings of Secretly Y’all for free!  Secretly Ya’ll Podcast

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