Boats and Brews Film Fest

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It’s a great time of year to be in Richmond for those of us who love watching outdoor adventure cinema.  With RETRO Day just a few weeks behind us, we were offered some incredible shorts films made by local friends and paddlers.  We were blown away with both the images and editing skills that seem to have evolved over the years at RETRO to include over 2 hours of whitewater footage.  If you left RETRO wanting more beer and paddling films, we have something new to look forward to:  Boats & Brews Film Fest!

2015 Coastals Film Fest Flyer

Coastal Canoeist paddling club is hosting Boats & Brews Film Fest on January 10th.  This isn’t the first year Coastals has brought internationally know paddling flicks to the River City; in fact, they have been doing it for years.  In the past, their venue was on the VCU Campus, but this year they are switching locations to Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.  Making the move away from their traditional lineup, put together by the National Paddling Film Festival, Coastals consulted with Home on the James to bring two full length feature films to Boats & Brews that are produced by AMONGSTiT INC.  AMONGSTiT is a production company based out of Asheville, NC that has a long history of film making.  Unique to the paddling world, their content is exclusive through an online distribution channel, AMONGSTiT.TV, and is only viewed by subscribers.  Luckily, for those attending the Boats & Brews Film Fest, we get to see  ‘Grandfather’ as well as their newest feature (and highly anticipated) ‘4 Minutes’.  ‘Grandfather’ focuses on the rivers that drain off the iconic Grandfather Mountain including the Watauga, Wilson, Elk, and Linville Rivers while ‘4 Minutes’ documents the progression of speed at the Green Race.

In addition to an evening of whitewater eye candy, proceeds of Boats & Brews goes towards our good friends at James River Outdoor Coalition.  This organization is a worthy beneficiary of the money raised at the event, as they  allocate money directly to all the right places within the James River Park System.

So, keep January 1oth available for Boats & Brews if watching paddle porn is your thing… I know I’ll be there.  Until then, check out these trailers to get you hyped.

Doors open 5:30pm – show starts at 7:00pm. $10.

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