Rosewood Clothing Co.

Ashley Carruthers of McCue Vintage and previous partner at Addison Handmade and Vintage opens the doors to her new shop, Rosewood Clothing Co.  Rosewood is a collection of vintage and new clothing, adorned with Richmond made jewelry and accessories.

Rosewood Clothing Co. 16 West Broad St. Richmond, VA. 11:00am-6:00pm


Ashley is like one of those lucky people who can spot a four-leaf clover every time he/she bends down to tie a shoe.  Her luck tho, is a gift.  A gift that all of her best friends don’t understand. The gift to be able to throw anything on, put any assortment together and make it work.  We use to kid with her, that she could just cut, belt and throw a pair of boots on any outfit and make it look super cute! But now, she has far exceeded belting, cutting and booting clothes to make them attractive.  Her admiration and keen eye for clothing is something incredible.  When I go second hand shopping, I feel lucky to find a cool t-shirt in the little boys section that I may sleep in.  On the other hand, Ashley is able to effortlessly recognize valuable gently used wool, leather, silk and denim.  She handpicks only the highest quality items, that continue to get better with every wear.  Each time you peruse her collection, it’s inevitable you’ll find something you must have.


Rosewood‘s Holiday Opening was a true sign of Ashley’s significance within the community.  Richmond artists Drift/RiotgiantLION , Young Frankk were featured jewelers for the evening.  The room was filled for hours, many people mingling and shopping for the full duration as well as a constant flow of new faces filtering thru. Every person who walked in was nothing less than impressed with the environment she had created.  From the copper piping racks and fitting rooms built by Ashley’s boyfriend Sean Williams to the handmade wooden shelving, jewelry case and tables done by good friend, Luke Swenson of HumanitreeRosewood‘s interior design compliments it’s clothing collection.  Each piece done by Luke was specifically made for Rosewood and are undeniably, gorgeous works of art.  Not only did Ashley receive help physically but she is grateful to have the moral support from friends and family to help make Rosewood come to fruition.


 Ashley has a knack for fabricating simple elegance, which is easily defined by her appearance.  She rarely wears make up, her curls embody her personality, her style is unmatchable  and her tiny self is someone you wish to put in your pocket and take around with you everywhere.  She is an emblem of natural beauty, courageousness and enthusiasm.  Rosewood Clothing Co. in every way portrays that.


  Get on down to 16 W. Broad St. to say “hi!!” to Ashley, check out the shop and pick up some last minute holiday presents!


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